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Security Storage Tips – Peoria, IL Storage

Our Peoria, IL storage premises are located near the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office and are frequently patrolled. But for maximum security, we recommend purchasing a round lock, available at most hardware stores. These locks hold up better against bolt cutters because they don’t have a long shackle. This makes it much more difficult to cut the lock off a door.

Just as you are proactive about protecting your home, you should also work to keep your belongings safe in a mini storage unit. Select the best storage facility for your needs and items, and be sure to visit in person to check out the property. Burglary can affect any self-storage facility. Take precautions to ensure your belongings will be as secure as possible, and take safety into your own hands.


Take safety into your own hands! Here are some storage tips to keep your items safe and secure:

  • To allow for air ventilation in your storage room, do not place items directly against the wall.
  • Leave space at the front of your unit so that you can access your items. Keep the items you need most often stored conveniently where you get to them easily.
  • Label your boxes clearly and neatly so you can get to your items without having to search through several boxes.
  • Stack boxes together that are the same size to maximize space. Do not stack the boxes higher than you are safely able to reach.
  • If you are storing items of particular value, store them at the back of the storage unit. A burglary usually happens very quickly. If your expensive or valuable items are harder to get to, you have a better chance of preserving those valuables. Store them in very plain, unassuming containers and boxes.
  • Protect mattresses, box springs and other furniture with plastic covers. Stand those items on end.